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The I16 - Combat Pilotwatch
The I16 - Combat Pilotwatch
Militare watch new in action Very good Very big Very loud
i16-Front-back 2
i16-Front-back 2


TNT doesn’t intend to be just another Microbrand for watches – instead we want to create a channel to bundle all our networks.
Special watches, watch parts, components, single movements and complete stocks – accessible for every watch lover or professional.

Thats why TNT isn’t just another brand…
TNT grant access to sources, that specially business-outsiders would probably never reach.

Most of our Models are introduced by an article on our own Website at
Supported by different social networks and watch forums.

Interesting Watchmodels and great offers, you’ld probably never get, if you are not part of those very special network. Interested watchlovers from all around the world and exclusive offers from inside our trusted network – we bring together, what belongs together.

Contact us if you have some good items in stock, they may be interesting for our friends network?
And of course let us know if we can help you to make your own limited Edition.